SKGB's Alternate Adventures in Dubstepland

by Cr●\▲/Le3Y (post-rapture SKGB)

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After the rapture, the world was torn asunder. Zomby Jesus, after coming back to party hard at the "Blip Festival", for some Random reason, decided to Reformat The Planet with his Cheap Shots and Lazer Light Eyes. As the smoke cleared, and Cheap Dinosaurs once more went Animalstyle on dat planet, there came a voice from the skies. And on that day, Carl Sagan said, "Let there be dubstep". And it was good.

1. 1722 (they see me creepin)
2. 4:20 pm at the Chapel
3. Hyakki Yako Dub
4. Kshatriya Kitty
5. More Bass

-cover art adapted from a picture by Paul Robertson




released June 11, 2011




SKGB Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

SKGB hails from the p|-|uture str33ts of Neo Killadelph. SKGB is here to raise the noize and make music from any piece of hardware he can find.

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