voices under ultraviolence


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"Hi, this may be the last time you see and hear me
my name is Yasmeen Qanouz and I am ten years old
I have been living in an orphanage for the past two years
missing my dad and my mom
I am sending this message to those concerned with human rights
and the rights of children
... and to the entire world. I hope you are watching me speak from Aleppo
there are 47 children here and they are all my brothers and my sisters
we all hope to get out of Aleppo and eat and drink.
We want peace
we cannot leave because of the airstrikes
we are scared of the airstrikes and we cannot go
please get us out of Aleppo. We want to live like everyone else."

all purchases of this album go directly to the Karam Foundation which is currently working to aid schools and children in Syria as well as children and families that have been forced to leave.

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#ChildrenOfSyria #StandWithAleppo


released December 21, 2016




SKGB Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

SKGB hails from the p|-|uture str33ts of Neo Killadelph. SKGB is here to raise the noize and make music from any piece of hardware he can find.

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